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Are your feet in constant pain, no matter how much time you spend pampering them? Do you have an ingrown toenail that needs immediate attention? Call Bazzi Podiatry today. As an experienced foot doctor, Dr. Mohammed K. Bazzi is dedicated to excellent foot care so Detroit, MI residents can live comfortably.

Our Podiatry Services

Whether you’re constantly on your feet or spend most of the day at a desk, having healthy feet and ankles is essential to your daily routine. Whenever you stand, walk, run, or jog, your feet and ankles support all of your weight and transport you to where you need to go. Even a minor injury can impede your ability to go about your daily life.

Some of the treatments we provide at Bazzi Podiatry include:

In addition to these treatments, we can assist in recovery and medical treatments for the foot. Dr. Bazzi specializes in amputation prevention and diabetic wound care, and he has surgical and medical staff privileges at several clinics and hospitals. This means our clinic is better equipped to provide you with high-quality care.

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Don’t let your foot pain disrupt your life any longer. Call us at +1.3138213338 to reach our Detroit, MI office or at +1.5862449699 to reach our Sterling Heights, MI office.

Podiatry Doctor in Detroit, MI

Diagram of foot bones used by a podiatry doctor in Detroit, MI

• X-Ray   

• Injection Therapy

• Wound Care

• Vascular Blood Flow Testing

• Diabetic Shoes • Custom Orthotics
• Casting, Padding & Tapping

• Toenail Fungus Treatment

• Pain Therapy

• Routine Nail Care
• Diabetic Foot Screening/Evaluation

• Plantar Wart Treatment

• Fungal Infections

• Foot Infection

• Painful Bunion

• Calluses & Corns

• Diabetic Foot Care

• Diabetic Wounds

• Fungal Toenails
• Hammertoes

• Heel Pain

• Ingrown Toenails

• Morton’s Neuroma

• Arch Pain
• Soft Tissue & Bone Infection

• Arthritic Joints • Achilles Tendonitis